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What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Changing transmission fluid

New, fresh transmission fluid is translucent red. If your vehicle’s transmission fluid is another color or of another transparency, you’ll want to schedule a service appointment at our service center in Warwick. In the meantime, in our service guide, we’ll go over what different shades of transmission fluid indicate about the quality and lifespan of your fluid and what you should do if you find this red fluid leaking in Cranston

What Color is Transmission Fluid When Time for a Replacement

So, what color is the transmission fluid when it needs to be replaced? This differs depending on how often you have the transmission fluid changed and if your vehicle is having any issues. This is easy to check from home if you’d rather not bring your vehicle into our shop near Cumberland. 

Pop the hood, locate the transmission fluid dipstick by referring to your owner’s manual, and Inspect the dipstick similar to how you inspect motor oil: remove the dipstick, wipe it, reinsert it, and pull it out again. Transmission fluid will vary on a reddish spectrum. Here’s what each shade indicates:

  • Translucent red: Your transmission fluid is new, fresh, and healthy. No attention required!
  • Light brown/semi-translucent red: This is common of normal wear and stage of transmission fluid lifetime. No action is necessary. 
  • Dark brown/opaque: Change the filter or consider a full system flush. 
  • Very dark brown/black/opaque: This indicates significant wear. Perform a full system flush and install a new filter. 
  • Light pink: This indicates a contaminant – either coolant or water has entered your system. This can cause engine failure. It should be addressed immediately and typically warrants a complete transmission rebuild. 

Red Fluid Leaking From Car?

Notice red fluid leaking from your car? Schedule a service appointment with the INFINITI of Warwick service team. This means your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, either due to a broken seal or busted gasket. Have our technicians take a look so you can drive safely around Coventry.

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