Value Your Trade

What’s My Trade-in Value?

Are you interested in trading in your current vehicle for an upgrade? If so, you may be wondering, “What’s my trade-in value?” You can use our online trade-in value calculator to find out! INFINITI of Warwick is one of the few car dealerships that take trade-ins and will offer you a fair price for your automobile. All you have to do is fill out the required information,  then you’ll have an estimate in no time! Our dealership is committed to helping Providence customers like you get the money they deserve for their vehicle. What’s more, we’ll also help you find the perfect new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned automobile that suits your budget and lifestyle.

How to Trade in My Car

Never traded in a car before? You’ll be happy to know that it’s a pretty simple process. Here’s how the process works at trade-in dealerships near Warwick, RI and Coventry:

  • Once you’ve found out the value of your trade-in car, explore our selection of new and pre-owned vehicles until you find that has everything you’re looking for.
  • If the value of your trade-in doesn’t cover the cost of the new vehicle, reach out to our finance experts who can advise you on how to cover that amount. They’ll walk you through all of your options and ultimately help you decide whether making a trade is in your best interest or not.
  • When you’re ready to trade in your vehicle, bring it to our dealership with the title, registration, key, and auto loan payoff information. A member of our staff will then inspect the vehicle and finalize that trade-in amount.

How Do Dealerships Determine Trade-in Value?

Now that you how to trade in your car, you’re likely wondering how dealerships determine trade-in value. Your car’s trade-in value is determined by the market price for that specific vehicle. If you happen to drive a vehicle that’s in pristine condition, with no damage or repairs needed, its trade-in value should be a little less than the Kelly Blue Book value for your automobile. However, most vehicles need some type of work, so you shouldn’t expect the full market price for your trade-in. Here are factors that a dealership will take into consideration when appraising your vehicle:

  • Model Year: Car shoppers typically gravitate towards used vehicles from recent model years. As a result, dealers are willing to offer more for them.
  • Make and Model: If you drive a vehicle that’s in high demand, it’s likely to have a higher resale value.
  • Condition: Dealers are more likely to give a higher offer for a vehicle that’s been well-maintained, as opposed to a vehicle that’s in poor condition.
  • Mileage: The more miles on your vehicle, the lower its trade-in value will be.

Why Should You Trade in Your Car?

Now that you know how to trade in your car, why should you? Trading in a car is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce what you owe on your new vehicle. The money that you receive for your trade-in can be put towards the new automobile, thus reducing the amount you have to put down for a down payment and lowering the overall loan balance.

Trade-in Your Car with INFINITI of Warwick!

After you’ve used our online tool to find your INFINITI trade-in value, bring your vehicle to INFINITI of Warwick to get a fair price for it! As one of the premier trade-in dealerships near Warwick, RI and Cranston, we work hard to ensure that our customers are adequately compensated for their vehicles. If you have any questions such as, “How does KBB determine my car’s value?” or “How can I maximize the value of my trade-in?” reach out to us at (877) 361-2405 today!