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INFINITI of Warwick Wants to Buy Your Vehicle, Even if You Don’t Buy One From Us.

We want to make you an offer on your current vehicle, whether you decide to buy a new model from us or not. We take all makes and models and there are no restrictions on mileage or age. Our experienced staff in Warwick, RI is willing to work with you!

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How to Sell My Car to a Dealer

We want to take the hassle out of selling your current vehicle, so we make it easy as possible for you to part ways with your model.

  1. Bring Your Vehicle to Our Dealership: Contact us today! One of our associates will help you get the process started,  as well as answer any additional questions you may have. Please bring in your title or pay-off information, your driver’s license, and any keys, manual, etc.
  2. Our Experienced Team Will Appraise Your Vehicle: Enjoy our dealership’s amenities while you wait for one of our team members to get back to you to appraise your vehicle. You can feel free to speak with the appraiser about any additional information you may have or need.
  3. Receive Your Offer: Whether you decide to sell your vehicle on the spot, trade it in, or decide to spend time thinking it over, we have you covered!

What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Car?

You’re likely wondering, “What do I need to sell my car?” When selling a car in Rhode Island, you’ll want to bring the following documents and materials to the dealership:

  • Maintenance report: Warwick drivers selling a car in RI will want to bring their vehicle history report as it details the maintenance and repairs that the car has received. When buyers can see that your car has been maintained, it ensures them that it’s a good buy.
  • Vehicle history report: This document includes important information that a prospective buyer will likely want to know, including past ownerships, odometer readings, previous accidents or repairs, theft history, and liens.
  • Warranty information: You can potentially increase the price of your vehicle if it has a transferable warranty. Bring the warranty details along with the warranty provider’s contact information.
  • Odometer disclosure: When selling a car in Rhode Island, you’re lawfully mandated to provide an odometer disclosure at the time of sale. This document typically includes the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the buyer’s name and address, the buyer’s signature, the seller’s signature, the current number of miles on the vehicle at the time of sale, and a notary public’s signature/ seal.
  • Title: A vehicle’s title signifies who owns the automobile. At the time of sale, you’ll provide the buyer with the title.
  • Bill of Sale: The bill of sale is always a good document to have as it details the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Can You Sell a Leased Car?

Curious if you can sell your leased car? In short: the answer is yes! Depending on what’s outlined in your lease agreement, your dealership may be able to purchase the vehicle from the leasing company. However, you’ll be able to determine if selling your leased automobile is the best move based on the vehicle’s residual value vs. market value. If the vehicle’s market value is higher, you can apply this equity towards a new leased or financed car.

There is No Catch. We Want to Buy Your Car!

There are no obligations to sell your vehicle to us once an offer is made, as well as, our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from our dealership. Our appraisal is free! We just want to help you get behind the wheel of a vehicle near Coventry you want! Any number that you may see online is only an estimate, so come into the dealership to get an affirmed no-haggle price on the spot.

Come into INFINITI of Warwick Today!

Whether you are looking to sell your current vehicle, are looking for a second appraisal, or for a new vehicle to get behind the wheel of, INFINITI of Warwick has you covered. You can come visit us or reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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