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Regular maintenance services can keep your car in top shape for all of your travels, but why is an INFINITI oil change so important? Fresh oil circulates throughout your engine to keep the parts moving smoothly and regulate the heat that builds. As oil ages, it becomes thicker and can’t flow as effectively. Scheduled oil changes help to ensure that your engine’s health is at its peak, which means you’ll get the best possible performance on the roads in and around Coventry. Learn more about why regular luxury car oil changes near Providence are so essential, and if your due for an oil change in Rhode Island, head on down to our dealership in Warwick today!


When Should I Schedule My INFINITI Oil Change?

Generally speaking, most certified service centers recommend changing your oil twice every year. That falls between 7,500 to 10,000 miles for most Cranston drivers. But, a lot depends on your vehicle and driving style. High-performance cars and off-road vehicles may need more frequent oil changes, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual. What if you rarely drive or you have a car in storage? You’ll still need to get your oil changed. That’s because oil breaks down over time, even if it’s just sitting in a parked car. So, be sure to keep up to date with your scheduled oil changes in Rhode Island.

What Happens During an INFINITI Oil Change?

An oil change is the process of removing old oil from the car and replacing it with fresh oil. Some cars use conventional oil while others use synthetic. However, synthetic oil offers considerably longer-lasting results due to its sophisticated formula. Once you’ve selected your preferred oil, your mechanic will:

  • Jack up the vehicle
  • Drain out the old oil
  • Replaces the oil filter
  • Add new oil

Though your mechanic will need to do some heavy lifting, you might be surprised to learn that an average INFINITI oil change only takes around an hour!

How Much Does an INFINITI Oil Change Cost?

The INFINITI oil change cost will depend on the model, trim level, and model year. That being said, the cost of an oil change at an INFINITI dealership can be anywhere from $70 to $115. It’s a good idea to contact our service team to get a quote on our current pricing for a luxury car oil change near Providence. We also offer rotating service specials , including INFINITI oil change coupons, which can help you save on the cost of an INFINITI oil change.

You should also note that we offer INFINITI Premium Care with the purchase of any new INFINITI model. This 3-year scheduled maintenance plan includes oil changes, as well as tire rotations, brake fluid change, in-cabin air filter replacement, and tire road hazard protection.

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

You’ve got your INFINITI oil change coupon and your service scheduled, but what else can you do to keep your car in great condition? We recommend checking your oil levels at least once a month. Look at both the oil level and the oil condition during your DIY checks. This helps to establish what is normal and what is worth a trip to our Coventry-area service center.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change in Rhode Island at INFINITI of Warwick

When you’re ready for your next luxury car oil change near Providence, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at INFINITI of Warwick. You’ll find that the INFINITI oil change cost at our Warwick dealership is very competitive, and our team of certified technicians can complete your oil change in Rhode Island and get you safely back on the road with as little down time as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to find out about the current cost of an INFINITI oil change, please give us a call at (877) 361-2409.

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